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        We use nodejs server and iap_verifier module.Many of our projects use this module, which has been very stable

        Payment verification seems that the online environment server link is normal, but there is a problem with the sandbox server link.

        The sandbox server has a high probability of error, but it will succeed after multiple verifications.

        The server uses EC2 of AWS

        Is the sandbox server currently unstable?



        the module print the log:

        2020-02-29T12:38:31.033Z - info: statusCode: 200
        2020-02-29T12:38:31.033Z - info: headers: [object Object]
        2020-02-29T12:38:31.033Z - info: data {"status":21007}
        2020-02-29T12:38:31.034Z - info: end: apple response: {"status":21007}
        2020-02-29T12:38:31.034Z - info: Process status 21007
        2020-02-29T12:38:31.035Z - info: Retry on Sandbox
        2020-02-29T12:38:31.035Z - info: verify!
        2020-02-29T12:38:31.211Z - info: In App purchase verification error: Error: read ECONNRESET
        2020-02-29T12:38:31.211Z - info: STATUS undefined
        2020-02-29T12:38:31.212Z - info: verify done valid [false,{"code":"ECONNRESET","errno":"ECONNRESET","syscall":"read"}]


        module print error code:

        https = require('https');
               request = https.request(options, (response) => {
                return request.on('error', (err) => {
                  if (this.debug) {
                    console.log(`In App purchase verification error: ${err}`);
                  return cb(false, 'error', err);