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        1. Can VNRecognizeTextRequest return / identify results with extended alphabets? Letters like Ö, Ä, Å or ü.

        - I've tested by setting Finnish to recognizedLanguages, but to no effect. It has not recognized the letters correctly.


        2. It identify japanese, chinese and other asian character sets?

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          Hi masterblaster,


          For a long time I wondered why my app does not recognize German umlauts (e.g. Ü ö ä or a ß) with VNRecognizeTextRequest.


          Now I found out that umlauts are only recognized if I set :

          .recognitionLevel= .fast and

          .usesLanguageCorrection = false

          Unfortunately, the .customWords seem not to work anymore and the quality of the text recognition is not good.


          At this time, the VNRecognizeTextRequest only seems to support en-US.

          VNRecognizeTextRequest.supportedRecognitionLanguages() always returns 1 value of en-US.