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        Our iOS application is using cordova and we are embedding the powerbi reports in a div tag and it is creating an iframe internally.

        We are able to view the report in safari browser in an ipad but when we view it from the app it displays  "This Contenet isn't available".

        It was working previoulsy and we did not do any changes to it and it broken suddenly. Our app is using Cordova iOS 3.8.0 and UIWebview and ios13.3.1.


        When we debug we are getting following Console error:

        "Blocked a frame with origin "https://app.powerbi.com" from accessing a frame with origin "file://". The frame requesting has aprotocal of "https", the frame being accessed reportembed.externals.bundle.min.js has protocal of "file". Protocals must match.


        Any changes happened in UIWebview and iOS.  Please help