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        I Have a (Mid) 2012 Mac Book Pro it had 4gb of ram and 500gb of Hdd it was good but slow so I looked on youtube and found out hoe to make it fast I followed the steps, I bought two 250gb SSD And a 16gb memory Ram replaced the Hdd and The 4gb Ram with it then I had to install mac os x and create a name for the SSD's like that guy was talking about I was excited thinking that was it, it's going pretty fast I love it, BUT I can't really update to the latest software no matter what I tried I heard about going to another MacBook or a laptop and installing the latest version of Catalina on to and external SSD and doing it that way via (boot), it sounds legit but not sure,  I need more info, I don't want to mess anything up I just want to upgrade to the latest Catalina software, Please help.....