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        Hi everyone,


        I create URLs to join WWDC videos to specific timecodes using the '?time=' parameter at the end and it doesn't work anymore ⟹ console error : "SyntaxError: invalid regexp group play.js:636:27"


        I noticed that all the sentences in the 'Transcript' sheet of each WWDC video update this value when the video goes to the approriate timecode.

        However, when I change it manually directly in the URL or when I create this URL programmatically, the parameter with the value is as desired but the video always begins at '00:00' while it wasn't the case few weeks ago.


        Does anyone know how and why this suddenly happened?

        I wrote to the 'Contact Us' you find on the Apple developer website to obtain the response that they aren't technicians, engineers or developers: I like that.


        Anyway, I can't imagine I'm the only one that this problem deeply bothers and that the Apple support isn't aware of this bug-like.


        An example of my web page programing with this URLs can be found here ⟹ https://a11y-guidelines.orange.com/mobile_EN/dev-ios-wwdc-19261.html


        Thanks in advance for your returns.