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        I've been using an AppleScript to export photos in a Smart Album in Apple Photos for a while now. After upgrading to Catalina, it seems that my query for all albums no longer returns Smart Albums.

        Specifically, I have a line that loads all albums like this:

        tell Application "Photos"
            set theseAlbums to every album
        end tell

        Previously, theseAlbums would contain regular and smart albums. After upgrading to Catalina, they only contain the regular (non-smart) ones.

        Is there anything I can do to query for smart albums?


        I looked at the Photos Dictionary and didn't see anything. I also tried changing every album to every container with no luck.


        Here's the code in context - a helper function that finds an album by name:



        on getAlbumNamed(thisName)
          tell application "Photos"
            set theseAlbums to every album
            repeat with i from 1 to the count of theseAlbums
              set thisAlbum to item i of theseAlbums
              if the name of thisAlbum is thisName then
                return thisAlbum
              end if
            end repeat
          end tell
        end getAlbumNamed



        Thanks in advance for any help.