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        Can't get status of my Safari extension and content blocker on macOS Catalina. Both SFSafariExtensionManager.getStateOfSafariExtension and SFContentBlockerManager.getStateOfContentBlocker always return false.


        I found few complaints about this behaviour that seem to happen after wake up from sleep. But restarting my Mac didn't help. I found no way to make those call work. But the curious thing is they were working few months ago, on earlier Catalina versions.


        Any suggestions why this might be happening?

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          bweinstein Apple Staff Apple Staff (100 points)

          Do you use Safari Technology Preview? Or was this on regular Safari?


          To help understand more, I'll need a sample app that can reproduce the issue and a sysdiagnose.


          Are you testing with unsigned extensions?

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              Thank you for reaching out.
              I found the issue, and it had nothing to with Safari. The problem was me, misusing Combine: I wrapped calls to SFSafariExtensionManager.getStateOfSafariExtension and SFContentBlockerManager.getStateOfContentBlocker in Future<> and didn't keep AnyCancellable which was produced as the result. Thus, the result of the operation never made it to the state.


              Curiously, I remember the same code working before. Maybe during Beta times, there might have been a bug when a Combine chain wasn't disposed immediately. So I started looking into it thinking nothing is wrong with my code Everything is fixed now.


              Thank you.