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        I have created an App and in it I have put my qlgenerator in the Contents/Library/QuickLook folder. This works (ed) such that after installation ... my generator is registered and my file types show up with nice thumbnails. However, with Catalina, I am now having problems with the notarization and it appears that the codesign --deep does not actually sign this folder.:



              "severity": "error",

              "code": null,

              "path": "....dmg/My.app/Contents/Library/QuickLook/MyQLGenerator.qlgenerator/Contents/MacOS/MyQLGenerator",

              "message": "The binary is not signed.",

              "docUrl": null,

              "architecture": "x86_64"



        I looked through some of the docs and it seems to indicate that the nested signing doesn't cover this folder. Am I interpretting things correctly? Do I have to explicitly sign this item before I sign my dmg/pkg? Why can't I find much documentation on including a quicklook generator in the App bundle. I wrote this code a long time ago and must have found it somewhere but there are not good pointers for it.