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        hi, can't see my specific question here so hope I haven't duplicated a q.

        I've just started on learning Swift, I've installed Xcode10 and opened first lesson in Playground.

        It says:

        "Before you start, do you see the playground logo below? If you don't, go to the top menu bar and select Editor > Show Rendered Markup"


        Problem is, the top menu bar doesn't have an "Editor" item so I can't go further.

        What do I do?




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          Actually I've found the solution myself

          Instead of downloading the Xcode10 student link, I went to the App store and downloaded the Xcode directly.

          That worked.

          imho the instructions that come with the book "Intro to App Development with Swift", which point the reader to student editions of xcode9 or xcode10, have a bug in them, and it needs updating.

          Either that or I get bonus points for finding a solution!