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        In my current app i'm thinking of offering a business plan which would be a renewable subscription which allows the owner of said subscription to add seats at a price each.


        I read the guidelines but there's nothing specifically for this, I saw a section which mentioned the possibility of doing "gifts" to others but it doesn't sound like my case which is letting one person buy seats/license for others and assign them to their email.


        Is this possible in Apple's ecosystem? or something that would get the app rejected?

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          It will be very difficult for you to structure a system that transfers an autorenewable subscription from the purchaser to others.  It can be done through CloudKit but it's a bear.  It will be very easy for you to do it using a non-renewing subscription.  Non-renewing subscriptions can be bought in any quantity by a single user (not so with an autorenewable) and because they are pulled (you buy them each time period) rather than pushed (you get a renewal notice each time period if you ask) you can easily manage the push down process.  Again, you can post subscriptions through the public database in CloudKit or by an email with a link in it.  The email link would contain a device specific code generated by the purchasing user who knows to which device they are giving the subscription.