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        In the latest update apple has removed usage of _HLS_push  which was used to reduce the RTT.


        I have few questions

        1. why _HLS_push was removed ?

        2. as every small part will keep on updated in the playlist , their are as many playlist updates as that of small parts in the playlist.

            that means as a client we need to check for manifest update every part duration , and make a request for the new part included in the playlist .

           so inorder to download a small part we need to request server two times one for updated manifest and other for part segment , will this not         cause additional latency ?

        3.if PART-HOLD-BACK is required to be atleast part - target duration that means we will not play or request the last part url mentioned with



        PART-HOLD-BACK = 1s

        /*only last portion of file */



        here since PART-HOLD-BACK is 1s so we start playback with filePart273.0.mp4(even normal playback should be started from I frame) so any way with in the time of downloading  those parts with  the manifest updates we will have the complete part of  filePart273.3.mp4 in the manifest , so what is the need of indicating  EXT-X-PRELOAD-HINT?