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        I would like to implement a free trial for my Auto renewable subscription.

        However, As a user, I hate to have to commit to anything before I see what it is ... even when the first period is free. I know myself, I tend to forget to cancel the subscription ...


        So, I thought that I might be able to store the 'first launch date' in the KeyChain and only start checking the subscriptions after the initial free period that I define (and show the user).

        I know that I might lose a bit of money (for instance if a user downloads the app on a second device and uses a second free trial period), but I think some users will appreciate the fact that they do not have to commit to a subscription before they see what the app can do for them.


        Is it allowed to do it this way?


        When I look in the documentation about free trials, I see text like:

        "You can set up introductory offers for your apps that contain auto-renewable subscriptions in App Store Connect."

        But I cannot find: "You can only implement introductory offers in App Store Connect"


        Any thoughts?


        Kind regards,

        Wouter Wessels

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          Yes, you can unlock special features code for a period of time and then lock that up again after an introductory period.


          Your app must do something after the free introductory period - it must operate as a 'lite' version.


          You can use the keychain which is device specific and user agnostic.  Or you can use the user's iCloud key-value file which is user specific (Apple ID) and device agnostic.  In the second case, using the user's iCloud key-value file, if they are not connected to an iCloud account don't unlock the code and tell them to log into iCloud.  Most users are logged into iCloud.

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              My App was rejected because: "We noticed that your app offers a free trial without implementing the offer in App Store Connect."

              I asked the reviewers to show me the documents where it states that it is mandatory to implement that in App Store Connect.Waiting for an answer.


              What I did:

              - Save first launch date in Keychain (locally)

              - In the subscription viewController I show: Free until <calculated date 30 days after first launch>

              - Before starting the feature, I check:

                 - If free period not over: Do it

                 - If free period over: Check Subscription

              Sounds like a valid architecture, right?

              I just want to avoid scaring people away who so not like to commit to something yet.


              Thanks for your comment!

              Kind regards,