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            I am looking for a way to get my app into app store connect with as little human intervention as possible. After doing some research through the web I have code that makes archives,profiles and generates a .ipa file that can be installed on an ipad via a link. This is done by using the xcode bash commands.

        However what I actually need is a way to get my app into the app store connect mostly through code with as little human intervention as possible. I am aware of the signing process having to be manual and that is ok. Basically I want something similar to how https://thunkable.com/#/

        handles the way an app is published to the app store. They have the user produce certificate based on a key that they generate and make the user generate an app specific password from their apple developer account. Then somehow they have the app appear in your app store connect account.



        I would like to know how to so something like that.



        thank you

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          Hello atul109,

          You will need to do some pre-work and create an App Store signed IPA file, but once you have that, the tool that you will want to use is altool. You can get more information on it by typing the below into terminal.


          man altool

          You can get the same information by running.


          man xcrun altool


          You will eventually end up with something like the below.


          xcrun altool --upload-app -f <PathToFile>.ipa -u <Username> -p <Password>


          I usually run this with a few extra options, but this will get you started and learning.


          Hopefully this helps!