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        I'm building a small marketplace style app where users can get feedack on something they made (example: their cv). They could pick a reviewer inside the app and send the CV to them, and the reviewer would be able to review their cv and set a price. Reviewer is able to review the CV inside the app and a digital content will be created after all.

        Users pay after. (review is created, but hidden/not shown until its paid for).


        The flow: User asks for feedback > Reviewer accepts, writes feedback > sets price > User can decide if they are willing to pay. (otherwise they do not see it)


        What should I use for something like this? Apple Pay or In-App Purchase? TBH, im not sure if this would be in the realms of an In-app purchase as its a service after all.


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               >Apple Pay or In-App Purchase?


          Two different things - I don't think anything has changed since this 2017 thread:



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            You can't use IAP to pay the other person for services rendered outside of the app.  You can use Apple Pay. 


            But some of what you are selling is enabled through the app - like the search for a reviewer or selecting the reviewer.  Maybe even some of the services are using app functionality.  If you wish to sell that then you divide the sale into two components - one is IAP and the other is Apple Pay.  So a user might upgrade their app so they can see all reviewers' qualifications or a reviewer might upgrade so they can advertise their qualifications or a user might....  All that would be sold through IAP since it is part of the app code.  Once the reviewer and user are connected, the reviewer would charge and get paid through non-IAP systems.