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        I've got a few quetsions about designing an acceptable user experience involving migrating from legacy Core Data store to a CloudKit+CoreData store.


        Given the user can have a legacy data store on all of their devices and only one of those sets of data will be considered supreme, I need a means to effectively merge all this data in a non-destructive way.

        1) Does NSPersistentCloudKitContainer provide a means of opting into or out of CLoudKit storage for the user? Is it fully reliant on the user going into settings and flipping the iCloud-Data switch? Or can I maintain a local app settings flag?

        Can I tell a NSPersistentCloudKitContainer to no longer sync during it's lifecycle?


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          Oh cool, I guess cmd+s is "post"....

          2) I'm curious if there's a means to allow the user to choose the version of the data in CloudKit or the version of the data on Device.


          My data sort of adds up to an expected whole. If  one record is added or deleted, then the sum of the records will be incorrect. To give the user a good experience, I'd like to give them the ability to pick a snapshot of two different versions of their entire data set.

          Can `NSPersistentCloudKitContainer` facilitate this in anyway?

          3) Is there a best practices guide or design pattern recommendations with recards to UX anywhere?