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        [Extensions] Not enabling extensions due to security measures


        I just started seeing this message in the debug log after upgrading to OSX 10.15.3 and/or Xcode 11.3.1.


        I am no longer able to run my Safari app extension in XCode.  A new empty project also has the same problem.


        Did something change?  Or do I need to toggle some other new property / attribute?



        1. XCode, File / New Project, Safari Extension, give it a name "Test"

        2. Run the App side - no issues

        3. Run the Extension side, select Safari


        Expected: run as normal


        Actual: crash / exit with [Extensions] Not enabling extensions due to security measures in the log



        PS  No problems on my other machine with 11.2.1 and Mojave 10.14.4


        PSS  Possibly related post:  Not able to enable Safari app extension (macOS 10.15.3)