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        I'm trying attempting to fetch this property from a `CLLocation` https://developer.apple.com/documentation/corelocation/cllocation/1616762-floor. I keep getting a `nil` value in a place that I know has floor data, so I created a sample test app to help debug.


        Interestingly, when I run the test app (app with nothing but location collection example) with the same CLLocationManager settings that the main app has (accuracy set to `kCLLocationAccuracyBest` & activityType set to `.other` per the docs on page 9 of https://register.apple.com/resources/indoor/Apple-Indoor-Maps-Guidelines.pdf) the floor shows up fine. Running the same code in the main app & the floor is nil.


        What's even more confusing is that when I'm running the sample app the floor loads fine, but when I boot up the main app the SAMPLE app starts recording the floor as nil. A couple of seconds after I kill the main app, the sample app starts reporting fine again.


        I tested out some other location based apps, and it seems like this global floor nullifying behavior applies when any of the following apps are open; GMaps, Uber, Lyft, Scoot, Lime.


        What is going on? What could each of these apps be doing that means the `floor` field of collected `CLLocation`s are nil?


        iOS version is 13.3, hardware is a physical iPhone X


        The source code for the tester app is here: https://github.com/joshuawright11/floortest