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        I am currently using the Xcode 10 edition of the "Intro to App Development for Swift."  In section 5.1 p 27 (we are asked to create a new project and set it up as they have on that page). In my Xcode project there is no devices tab to choose iphone from.  I am not quite sure why this is this way but I tried to continue on with the project and I ran into other errors such as, no "Main.storyboard" to choose from in the navigator.  I am wondering if the book I am using is not the correct edition but I ran to similar issues when I was using an older edition as well.  Any insight, (if you can decipher this question) is appreciated.  This is frustrating as a novice.  Thank you in advance for your help.

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          Are you using XCode 11 ?


          If so, tehre have been a few changes with the introduction of SwiftUI.


          On page 27, you should now:

          - select Swift language (must be the default choice)

          - In user Interface, select storyboard (unless you want to start a SwiftUI project, but that is not the purpose of the book).


          No device to select now.


          Wish you good continuation.

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              Thank you for the response.  I am using Xcode 11, however, the Apple Swift guide I am using is for Xcode 10.  There is no Xcode 11 guide, as far as I know.  I assuming this why there are subtle differences in what I am seeing in the UI (navigation bar, for example) and how files are labled which is confusing as I am trying to learn the basics.  Again, thanks for your help.

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                Ok, I just started section 5.1 over and followed your advice.  So far, this definitely seems correct. It seems that there is a major error in the step by step directions in the Swift guide.  Anyway, thanks again.

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                  Ok, I must not have the correct Swift book or something because now I am on page 40 and the steps the book want me to take do not have the attributes on the UI part. I am sorry if I am not being clear but things that I think should be matching up (Xcode to Guide) are not.  For example,

                  “Choose a new color for the view from the color picker.   (There is no color picker to choose from in the utiliities section under the attribute inspector)

                  When you’re happy with your new color, build and run the app again using the Run button in the toolbar. Your app is now a little more interesting.

                  Adding an image

                  Now you’ll add a new file to your project and add new content to your storyboard, which then will appear in your app.

                  Before you start, you need a photo or image file. It can be fun to use the Photo Booth app to take a selfie, or you can use something you already 
have. Make sure you have the image file handy on the desktop.

                  You’ll follow these steps to display the image in your app:

                  Add an image to your project (this will be a resources type of file, 
like a JPEG).

                  Add an image view to the view controller.

                  Tell the image view to display your image.


                  Excerpt From: Apple Education. “Intro to App Development with Swift.” Apple Inc. - Education, 2019. Apple Books. https://books.apple.com/us/book/intro-to-app-development-with-swift/id1118575552


                  My apologies if this seems obvious, this is very new to me and I would like the guide and Xcode would match up since it is a learning guide.  That is why I am wondering if I am missing something.  Thanks and have a great day.