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        Hi I am getting the following error while running the app on my iPhone. The app works perfectly fine on the simulators but not on my iPhone


        I am running Mac OS Catalina on my macbook Pro 15 inch 2018

        I am running ios 13.3.1 on my iPhone 11 (the device i am trying to run the app)

        I am using xcode 11


        The 2 errors I am getting are :

        #00x00000001030832ac in __abort_with_payload ()
        #60x0000000103035038 in _dyld_start ()

        Please HELP ME with fixing this error

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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,125 points)
          #0  0x00000001030832ac in __abort_with_payload ()
          #6  0x0000000103035038 in _dyld_start ()

          This backtrace strongly implies that the dynamic linker (dyld) is unable to start your app, although there’s not enough info as explain why that’s the case.  Please do the following:

          1. Run your app from the Home screen

          2. Confirm that it crashes on launch.

          3. Grab the crash report.

          4. Post that here.  Please post the full report, using the <> button to format it as code.

          For info on how to get the crash report, see Technote 2151 Understanding and Analyzing iOS Application Crash Reports.

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