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        My app upload the data to iCloud/CloudKit for a specific record type and it did not return error. And then I can see the data in the CloudKit Dashboard.

        After I modify the custom fields in the record type on the CloudKit Dashboard, it still doesn't return error when my app do the same operation. But I can't see the data in the CloudKit Dashboard. Even I recover the custom fields, it still has the same problem.

        I use the same operation for the same data, it's rarely really success. It's always return no error but it's no data in the iCloud usually.

        I duplicate the record type, and then repeat the same operation for the duplicated record type. It can always really success.(I can see the data in the dashboard)

        I repeat the tests for many times.

        I think there are some issues in the inside of the CloudKit Dashboard database, I don't want to discard the data of the the record type since the problem, and I am afraid that it will sometimes happend in the future again.


        Please help to fix the issue.