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        Hi there,


        We're working on a companion watchOS app for our main Application. The main app has already Siri Extension support and it works quite well: we are able to disambiguate our requests and let the INIntent open the main app once we've a correctly identified request.


        We saw that watchOS also has support for Siri and Siri extensions in a stand-alone way. Our idea was to port most of the work done with iOS onto watchOS.


        - Let's assume that the working iOS siri extension is called: SiriExtension. It handles quite well the siri interaction from the iPhone and it allows to open our main app into the specified task and/or do some work in the background. No issues here.


        - Let's assume, also, that the watchOS siri extension we are working on is called: SiriWatchExtension. It should replicate the work done by its counterpart on iOS, but on watchOS and without a direct interaction with the iOS device: just like a stand-alone app.


        What's unclear to us is how watchOS and Siri extensions works in respect to the counter part on iOS. Specifically:


        - We all know that, if we exclude some specific special apps, the main interaction with Siri is done with INIntents donations and Shortcut (pretty much like SoupChef example).


        - We couldn't see a clear way to add Shortcuts from the watchOS app. Seems that the Shortcuts from iOS are "magically" available also on watchOS, but that is somewhat "unidirectional". 


        - The shortcut that we invoke from the watchOS is triggering the IntentHandler from iOS, not the one we built into watchOS. Is this an intended behaviour? Are we missing something?


        - Is there a way to donate an intent from watchOS to Shortcut and let this intent trigger just only when we're talking with our watch device?


        - Also, is there a way to complete an action into the watch app other then the iOS app?



        Many thanks for the patience, and sorry again for the very long post.