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        I have a NSManagedObject called Event  shared between the host app and today extension. (In Target Membership, both the main app and the widget are checked). The host app and widget have the same App Group identifier and both share same Data Model(In Target Membership, both the main app and the widget are checked).



        When I launch(run) the widget in Xcode, it shows all  the  events (Event) that are already saved in the host app. However, when I add or edit an  event, it appears in the host app as so but NOT in today-widget. If I relaunch the widget, all the events are shown including the last event that previously was not.



        This is the method that fetches events. It is defined in TodayViewController of the widget.


        private  func fetchEvents(date: Date) {
            let predicates = NSCompoundPredicate(andPredicateWithSubpredicates: [
                                    NSPredicate(format: "date = %@",Date().startOfDay as CVarArg),
                                    NSedicate(format: "startTime >= %@", Date() as CVarArg) ])
            if let ev  = try? TPEvent.fetchAll(predicates: predicates, in: persistentManager.context) { events = ev }


        This fetchEvents() is called in viewWillAppear and widgetPerformUpdate. persistentManaged.context is persistentContainer.viewContext.


        override func viewWillAppear(_ animated: Bool) {
          fetchEvents(date: Date())
        func widgetPerformUpdate(completionHandler: (@escaping (NCUpdateResult) -> Void)) {
          self.fetchEvents(date: Date() )



        I have asked this question on Stackoverflow. It is more descriptive than this here.



        What could be the issue and how to fix it?