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        Dear community,


        would appreaciate any help. We have implemented handling of universal links in our app and I am struggling with following issues:


        - We have uploaded apple-app-site-association file under /.well-known/ on our test server but it can be validated by App Search API Validation Tool which returns error code 469. Trying to download it with curl seems all fine (HTTP 200, correct content type and so on). E.g. it passes branch.io validator test as well.


        - Universal links can be opened in simulator running iOS12.1, iOS12.4 and iOS13 in all cases (app is running in the background, app is terminated). To open the link I use xcrun simctl openurl booted <link_URL>. All fine so far.


        - When running on the device with iOS13.3 installed, opening universal link only works properly if the app is running in the background. If it has been terminated, after tapping the link (either embedded into HTML file or from the Mail app), the app is getting launched but neither

        application(continue userActivity:.., restorationHandler:..)


         scene(... continue userActivity:..)

        delegate method is called.


        Any ideas? Appreaciate!


        Test URL we are using: https://well-known.shniq.cloud

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          - Put a file apple-app-site-association in pre-iOS13 format to /.well-known/ subdirectory and ensured it's content type is application/json


          On iOS12.4.1 it looks fine so far:

          - swcd successfully activates applinks service.

          - Relevant delegates callback are called correctly if user taps on a link in Mail / Safari etc.



          - On one of the devices, swcd doesn't update configuration even if app is deleted and re-installed. So, universal links have stopped working there entirely for our app. Reboots / re-installs don't help.

          - On the device same effect is seen as before: when user taps a link -> app is started, but activity continuation delegate methods are not called. They are only called if the app wasn't terminated.


          search.developer.apple.com still is not validating the site configuration: "Error no apps associated with url"