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        My son has an iPhone 6 which is stuck at iOS 12.4.4 since it is no longer supported I guess.   My iPhone is at iOS 13.3.1.  When I go into my Settings/Game Center and try to add him as a friend, he receives a IM message asking if he will be my friend.  When he clicks on it, a display pops up indicating he must upgrade to iOS 13.3 to accept the friend invite.


        1) Is there anyway around this so I can add my son as a "Friend" in Game Center?


        2) Most importantly, will I be able to "Invite" my son into a match using the GameCenterMatchMaker view controller when my game is completed? 


        If it matters, the "Deployment Info" for my game in XCode indicates a "Target = iOS 12.4" .  I assume this means my game will be allowed to be downloaded by any iPhone having iOS 12.4 or greater ?