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        Is it possible for Game Center to send the exact same data to the same player twice?


        I am frequently (not all of the time) noticing, the same exact data being received twice, which is causing issues in my application.


        I am using the following functions in GameKitHelper to send and receive data in my application:


        func sendDataToPlayer(data: Data!, gkPlayer: GKPlayer) 
           var playerArray: [GKPlayer] = [ ]
           do {
                 try myMatch?.send(data, to: playerArray, dataMode: .reliable)
           catch {


            func match(_ match: GKMatch,
                       didReceive data: Data,
                       forRecipient recipient: GKPlayer,
                      fromRemotePlayer player: GKPlayer)


        I am experiencing the same exact data coming into the "didReceive data:" function with the exact same data, recipient and player values


        Has anyone seen this duplicate data issue before?


        I see this issue  when testing with 2 real iPhones and the simulator (ie: 3 players).   I do not see this issue when testing with 1 iPhone and the simualtor (ie: 2 players).



        As a side question .... what is the difference between:


        1) match(_: didReceive: forRecipient: fromRemotePlayer:)


        2) match (_: didReceive: fromRemotePlayer:)