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        I have noticed that the new Mojave wallpaper under macOS Catalina has been re-encoded for larger resolution and according to metadata it support tiles. I can drag out single TIFF images from preview and more info still shows the tile support for individual TIFF files. However, when I try to recreate HEIC file from those TIFF files I lose tile support. How to create HEIC image with tile support?


        NSMutableData *mData = [NSMutableData data]; 
        CGImageDestinationRef destination; 
        destination = CGImageDestinationCreateWithData((CFMutableDataRef)mData, (CFStringRef)AVFileTypeHEIC,                                               numberOfImages,NULL); 
        NSDictionary *options = @{(id)kCGImageDestinationLossyCompressionQuality: @(1.0),
         (id)kCGImagePropertyTIFFTileWidth : @(1024), //-> no effect                           
        (id)kCGImagePropertyTIFFTileLength : @(1024) //-> no effect}; 
        CGImageDestinationAddImageAndMetadata(destination, imageRef, imageMetadata, (CFDictionaryRef)options);