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        Embedding of 3rd party frameworks, which are distributed in binary form does not work on iOS 13.3.1.


        When adding framework and configuring it as "embed and sign", app installs fine after building, but when i try to launch app, it crashes. Debugger says that it was aborted with -15 signal.


        In device logs:


        error 09:41:07.466399+0300 amfid Invalid profile iteration outcome? default 09:41:07.466965+0300 amfid /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/8FD4D05D-DDF6-4D7E-9CBF-2D1089D64C59/xxx.app/Frameworks/AFNetworking.framework/AFNetworking not valid: 0xe8008001: An unknown error has occurred.


        Since 13.3.1 provisioning profiles required for frameworks as well? How i can obtain them, if framework bundle ID already defined in Info.plist and it is "org.cocoapods.AFNetworking", and it should be registered in developer center...


        Is something broken here? Are free developer accounts forbidden from developing and testing apps with frameworks?


        PS: With paid developer signing everything works fine as required.