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        I have generated a .mobileconfig file with a size of 460MB configuration using Apple Configurator 2 and I have been willing to install it on my iphone 6s with ios latest 13.3.1, however failures happened.


        Most of the configs are Fonts, then how to install such a large size mobileconfig file on an apple device?


        I have tried this installation procedure on Files app, Safari app and directly in Apple Configurator, but all failed.


        • Files app system ui stucked,
        • Safari app said failed
        • directly in Apple Configurator said error "com.apple.configurator.MobileDeviceKit.amd.error – 0xFFFFFFFFE800002D (-402653139) [sys = 0x3A, sub = 0x0, code = 0x2D (45)]"