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        With the recent versions of iOS inside the app Reminders we can now create a reminder that will get shown at a location and if you select this option you can then choose the location you want, being it a real physical one (like a specific address or a location already saved on your phone) or the moment when you get in/out of a car (if you are connected to it through bluetooth).

        From iOS 10 we then have EventKit framework to create a reminder programmatically with the information we want. It's possible to set its title, the date when we want it to be fired (if that's the logic we want), a specific location with coordinates etc.

        I've searched online for how to replicate the behavior explained above, that is setting a reminder to be launched when the user get out of the car (if you were paired with it obviously), but haven't found anything that let us do that, only how to setting a real specific location with coordinates (see code below).

        So... is it possible to do it programmatically or this feature is only available through the Reminders app?

        Thanks, any help will be appreciated.

        (For some reason I can attach my code here, it keeps saying "invalid characters", so you can find it here )