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        In using SpriteKit, I have a composite sprite node, composed of legs, arms, head, torso. The limbs are connected via joints and rotate nicely. To have the figure look "right", different limbs have different z positions. The torso has a lower z position value than the head, the arms have a greater z position value than the torso, etc.


        The problem...


        when dragging the jointed body around, once you have touched a part and drag it, the selected item can change if the original dragged item drags over a "limb" with a higher z position value. For example, when dragging the torso, when dragging nears the arms, (there's gravity affecting the limbs), the arm is suddenly selected as the dragged item which makes the dragging of the figure all wrong and awkward. How can I stop the higher z position value arms from intercepting the dragging of the lower z position value torso when it's the torso that I want to be dragged?