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        Context, I want to make a very basic ar app using an image anchor, I have achieved this using Reality Composer and it works great.


        The issue is if I tried to zoom into an object in a way where the image anchor isn't clearly visible it disappears, which I understand is expected.

        My question is is there a way to have my objects stay in place so I can walk around and zoom in and out.


        So the ar object will appear when the image anchor is placed and if the image anchor is visible stay on it (allowing me to move and rotate the image anchor) but if not visible stay in the place it was last in.


        I don't know how to program but I'm learning as I follow tutorials and bits and pieces. I have linked the code that I have slightly modified in the view controller

        import UIKit 
        import RealityKit
        class ViewController: UIViewController {
        @IBOutlet var arView: ARView!
        var mapAnchor: Experience.Map! 
        override funcviewDidLoad() { 
             mapAnchor = try! Experience.loadMap()