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        Working Case


                            Currently I'm working on player app. I have to continue playback in no network scenario by playing buffered data(Player is taking care).We have three key observers ("playbackBufferEmpty","playbackLikelyToKeepUp","playbackBufferFull")which will notify us wether there is buffer available and player can able to play further. When there is no network AVPlayer started playing locally buffered data. When we jump to particular position then also player is playing if buffer is available.



        Not working Case


                  Problem is in no network case even when buffer is available and if I call the API "seekToTime" then player is giving wrong value. First it is showing "bufferEmpty" and "notlikelytoKeepUp" and again it is giving buffer available and "likelytoKeepUp". We tried solve this using "loadedTimeRanges but this is working only for VOD content and for live it is giving start time is always zero.If any one faced same issue or having knowledge regarding this please help us out. Would be more helpful if I get some forum links.