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        So ever since the iOS 13.3.1 betas, Ive noticed that my phone has stopped accepting voice calls (FaceTime Audio works fine). For people who are in my contacts, the screen will flash momentarily showing they are calling, and then decline the call. I have the toggle on to reject unknown callers, but this issue wasnt present until 13.3.1. Even when I turn the toggle off and allow all calls, the same thing happens.


        My only remedy to this so far has been taking the drastic option (drastic for me since Ive been using iPhone backups since 2010) of doing a Network Reset, which erases all my stored WiFi passwords (among other things, of course).


        Only after this reset do my phone calls come to my phone again.


        Here's the thing. After EACH beta update of this version, it happens again. And again, I have to do a Network Reset to get the phone calls to come through again.


        My iPhone is an 11 Pro Max, my carrier is Verizon, and its a Digital SIM.


        Anyone else experiencing this? Im frustrated now to the point where Im going to DFU it and load my computer encrypted backup and see if that helps at all. Not looking forward to it, but having to do this after every beta update? Something is wrong.