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        Today I have reinstall Xcode (11.3.1, Catalina).


        As soon as I launched it, such a message appeared:



        Install additional required components


        Xcode requires additional components to support running and debugging. Choose Install to add required components.



        Can someone explain to me what these additional components are? And why aren't they included in Xcode by default?


        Maybe there is some of the employees of the Apple company on this forum who could explain this issue? Because I have a suspicion that some malware calls itself Xcode and wants to install something harmful on my computer.

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          KMT Level 9 Level 9 (15,485 points)

          Xcode has been doing for this for some time. Reasons include, some content is updated separately, some are pick/choose, some need to be verified against the Xcode user based on paid or casual, some would make the download that much larger.


          Keep in mind that as an IDE, Xcode is tied into macOS on many levels, so there are tons of things to be carefully housekeeped for each new install.


          Used to be size was a major complaint, so they may have decided that it was better to break it up in response to that feedback.


          As long as you download Xcode from Apple, you shouldn't need to be concerned over imposters.