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        Im trying to build and sign iOS application on a new mac.


        Using Automatic signing by provisioning profile I always get same error on a stage of CopySwiftLibs


        Error sounds like the topic, but it predicated by severeal calls of


        /usr/bin/codesign --force --sign [IDENTITY_UUID] --verbose PATH/TO/Frameworks/libswift[LIB_NAME].dylib


        Which were exited with code 1 and messages like

        [IDENTITY_UUID]: no identity found


        and then reached the famous

        Apple Development: [IDENTITY NAME]: this identity cannot be used for signing code


        But there is an exact same [IDENTITY_UUID] in a keychain so call of

        security find-identity -p codesigning

        returns valid identity


        I already tried to fully reinstall all the software including mac os on this mac.


        Xcode version is 11.3.1 (11C504)

        macOS version is 10.14.6 (18G103)