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        Good morning everybody

        I'm triying to read badges from my iPhone. To start with NFC I've downloaded the Sample Project NFCTagReader. I followed exactly the recommandation of the tutorial

        • Add the NFC Tag-reading feature to the App ID
        • Add the NFC Tag Reader Serssion Formats Entitelement to the entitlement file
        • Add the NFCReaderUsageDescruîption into the info.plist

        I was able to build the application, install it on my iPhone (XS Max, iOS 13.3) and run it.

        When I click on the scan action button the session starts (popup "Ready to scan" with the small animation). First issue, at this step I should see the reader description message I put in the info.plist file, but it dosen't display. After this I try to read my badge but it seems not to read anything. DidDetect callback is never invoked, and after 60 sec, DidInvalidate is called with a timeout error.

        The badge I try to read is a MyFare 4K

        I proably miss something, so could somebody help and give me the gidelines or link to sample code, it would be great.

        Thank you in advance for your help and best regards