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        During the WWDC session that introduces the new xcframework format, there were several slides that imply that an App can embed an xcframework that itself embeds an xcframework.


        App -> Framework A -> Framework B


        (A screenshot from the session)



        When I've attempted to build out this set of dependencies, I'm still required to tell my App about Framework B.


        Is there any way to fully embed/include Framework B into Framework A so that the App doesn't need to know about it?

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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (13,095 points)

          Keep in mind that macOS is the only one of our platforms that supports nested frameworks. Most folks who go to the trouble of creating an XCFramework do so because they want to support multiple platforms, so nesting is off the table [1].

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          [1] It’d be cool if the XCFramework supported nested but then Xcode had the smarts to flatten it when building for platforms that don’t support it.  I checked with DTS’s tools expert (one of the reasons it took me so long to respond) to see if it Xcode has such smarts.  It does not, although I think that’d be a reasonable enhancement request.