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        When my push certificate expired, I tried to switch to an APNs key instead, without changing my code.


        Devices do receive my local notifications, which make me think my keys are set correctly, bu they do not receive background data notifications.


        How can I figure out where this is failing, e.g. are there some APNs logs for my account? I also have FCM in the middle, but my request to them goes through without an issue, so I have to assume it's making its way through to Apple...

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          My silent background push notifications were actually still working after I switched from certs to keys - the last time I know they worked was on 12/31/19.


          I can send a background silent push notification to a particular FCM Token, instead of topics, through Firebase - that gets executed on the device. That means my APNS configuration in the app and on Apple's servers is a-ok, right?


          I don't know how to figure out where this is failing, but I suspect it's something to do with Firebase Cloud Messaging - does that make sense, or am I missing something?


          And is there any way I can debug this - any way I can see if the requests are getting to Apple from Firebase, and just not the devices?