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        Hello Guys,


        Recently, I'm getting this kind of issue on the HLS live streaming content,

        The error detail is like below


        error -16832/CoreMediaErrorDomain Warning: restarting 12.494080s from end of live playlist; target duration 9s - stall danger for https://C4--147-21-8-0-24-8395.dfwlive-v1-c4p1-sponsored.dfw.vcdn.att-idns.net/Content/HLS.abre/Live/channel(CMTHD-8395.dfw.1080)/uc9zjusg758wyw3zmumhqyck92mpguti-ks7qcjbcm2aaaaaa-20191125T201851-197474271-114.vtt



        Anyone know what this is? It seems make the picture frozen, or degrade the streaming quality. Sometimes end up restarting the playback.


        Thanks & regards.