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        Hi Developers,

        We got a problem about ranging beacons in background.  We have many iBeacons with the same UUID. And we want to get the beacon’s major, minor and distance between iBeacon and device in the background. We know that the “didEnterRegion” and “didExitRegion” can work in the background, but these two function can not get the major, minor and distance if we only “startMonitoringForRegion” with UUID.  If we want to get these three value about iBeacon we have to use “startRangingBeaconsInRegion” so that we can get major, minor and range with iBeacon’s UUID.  But this function will stop working when app enter to background.  Is there any way to use “didRangeBeacons” in the background without background location continuously for a long time?

        Four years ago the question was not possible in the background, but is it possible with the current iOS?