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        we are currently in app transfer process, the process was declined twice, at first attempt apple support team claimed that we are using app catalyst in our app knowing that all of our submitted builds were generated using Xcode 10.3 and in project setting/Deployment Info target is set to iPhone only, we've sent them screenshots proving that, after that they also said that there is an unfinished paid apps agreement on both sides, which we finished, and after that they told us to reinitiate the transfer process, 4 days after the second transfer attempt the status of the second transfer also changed to declined, and they sent the following email, this app transfer has been cancelled. While the app is designed for iPhone, we confirmed the app uses Mac Catalyst and therefore isn't eligible for an app transfer.

        as our app builds were generated using Xcode 10.3 and deployment info target  set to iPhone only why are we facing this ?
        any one faced this issue before ?
        how can we solve this issue ? knowing that we must complete the app transfer as we have an urgent build to release.