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        Hi, I'm currently unable to figure out how to set up the correct type of Xcode Project, so that I would then be able to build a macOS Catalina app that opens a specific website?


        I mean, all I need is for there to be a website.app that Xcode chucks out - that, when run, goes on the web and opens up that specific website.


        I've tried lots of random tutorials, and while I was successful last year in creating an iOS app for opening a WebView, I went in expecting the creation of a macOS app that opens a WebView or WKWebView (=or, if these terms are incorrect, "just a simple browser window to a specific website") to be simple, but I'm more confused than before.


        So, what are the steps? Should I use the "macOS App template"? What then? Should I use Swift or Objective-C? What about the User Interface, SwiftUI, Storyboard, XIB?


        All of these seem to really change which tutorial I should use to create a simple WebsiteDisplaying App.


        Is there a tutorial that works in 2020, for simply loading a website in a macOS app?