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        Hi guys

        I successfully uploaded to the Appstore for iOS an app with several extensions, but when I try to upload the same app for Mac AppStore ( a Mac Catalyst App ) I get the following error from Xcode on two extensions


        ERROR ITMS-90355: "Missing Info.plist value. No value for NSExtensionPrincipalClass found in extension Info.plist 
        for MyApp.app/Contents/PlugIns/MyExtension.appex"


        These extensions are a Share Extension and an Action Extension that have a storyboard file, so if I set the NSExtensionPrincipalClass key in the Info.plist file I get the following message in console


        Invalid Configuration: Either NSExtensionMainStoryboard or NSExtensionPrincipalClass 
        must be specified in the extension's Info.plist file but not both.


        And of course the extension interface does not appear and nothing works


        Anybody got an idea how to solve this?

        Apple engineers and evangelists, do you have any suggestions?


        Alternatively there is the possibility to set only the NSExtensionPrincipalClass key in the Info.plist file and then call the storyboard file programmatically ?


        Thank you all in advance