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        Has anyone come across a case where all the reports for a single app display numbers that are completely off? I have a number of apps in the store, and while for all but one the App Units and Installation (I know that value is opt-in) numbers are pretty accurate. However for one app, my main one as it is, all reports (i.e. 'App Analytics' and 'Sales and Trends') are WAY off. I know EXACTLY how many installations / new users I have from my database (each installation gets recorded), and the numbers App Store Connect is showing are 75% lower than what I am registering.


        Even taking in to account some variations due to installtion on multiple devices (though they do accomodate for that in some of the reports), a discrepancy of this magnitude does not make sense, in particular as the numbers for the other apps are pretty accurate. This is not a sales or financial issue, as the apps are free.


        Just baffled and which I could get to the bottom of this...