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        iOS 13 seemingly changed the way Safari handles their save password prompt. In pre-iOS 13, when Safari detected that a user successfully logged into a website, it would show the save password prompt and pause the loading of the site before it could proceed to the next page. Our implementation was unknowingly relying on this pause. Now in iOS 13, instead of pausing, Safari will continue to load the next page while the save password prompt sits in the foreground. This is normally not an issue for most situations since the next page that the user is being redirected to is most commonly another website which means Safari is still open and therefore so is the save password prompt. In our circumstance though, the login will redirect the user back into the app which closes Safari and the save password prompt along with it. This means the user has less than a second before the password prompt disappears.


        Does anyone have a solution to this? It would be great if the pre-iOS behavior could be reapplied somehow. Or if another browser other than Safari's ASWebAuthenticationSession could give us more control.


        Here is a github post from a dev with the same issue: https://github.com/openid/AppAuth-iOS/issues/78


        Sorry if any of this is confusing. I am not an iOS developer. I am a developer that has just been assigned to investigate this issue.