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        The notarization process is failing today by reporting errors for requisites that should only report a warning till the 3rd of February.


        So are we already the 3rd of February or is there an issue on the notarization server side?





          "severity": "error",

          "code": null,

          "path": "Notarization_Archive.zip/Notarization_Archive/xxxxxxx/something",

          "message": "The executable does not have the hardened runtime enabled.",

          "docUrl": null,

          "architecture": "x86_64h"


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          eskimo Apple Staff Apple Staff (12,705 points)

          I was able to replicate this in my office, so I pinged the notarisation team about it.  It seems that the notary service prematurely switched back to treat-errors-as-errors mode.  That has since been corrected, and I’m now able to notarise a test app without enabling the hardened runtime.

          If you ran into this problem, please try again.

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