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        Since iOS 13, I'm experiencing a problem in my webapp when previewing an excel file in the browser.

        In short, I receive a binary file from a service and then in javascript I convert the file in excel and preview it in the browser. Everything works well in previous verison of iOS and desktop browsers, but in iOS 13 and specifically if I click in the "view" (https://imgur.com/a/6tEtbxH) option from the popup, the file that is opened in the browser appears incomplete (https://imgur.com/a/4n4BBBT). If I choose to download the file and then when I open it from the files app it appears correctly (https://imgur.com/a/qqEMB9D).


        The webapp is done using Angularjs and I also tried with javascript and with a library FileSaver.js (https://github.com/eligrey/FileSaver.js/) and  the result is always the same.

        I get some javascript errors but couldn't find a relation for the error (https://imgur.com/a/oPj8Oxs).


        Even more strange is that I don't have the same results when using the webapp in localhost, here everything works fine.


        Has anyone experienced something similar?


        Many thanks,