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        I have been researching for a few days and haven't found a conclusive answer to my scenario.


        • I would like to provide two subscription types on iOS: Lite and Standard.
        • I would like to provide one subscription type on Mac:  Standard.


        Standard is the bigger service that covers both iOS and Mac. Lite is the lesser one that only supports iOS.

        Based on what I see on AppStoreConnect, Mac has a complete separate IAP than iOS. Hence I can't share the same standard subscription type among the two platforms. Even though the standardservice is supposed to be cross-platform.


        I can certainly store each receipt type from iOS and Mac into my DB separately and do the validations directly with AppStore and MacStore respectively. But I can't stop the user from purchasing the standard subscription twice, once from iOS and then again from Mac. This is really bad since I wouldn't be able to refund it either if someone makes this mistake since Apple regards them as two different apps.


        Surely I can't be the only person with this problem, how is that supposed to be done, please?