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        Hi all,


        I'm building an app that is updated and launched from a launcher app. The problem that I'm encountering at the moment is that the app cannot download and patch an app that is inside the /Applications folder.

        Do I need request special permission for this to work?

        Is this even possible to do?


        Is it allowed to download and install apps and patches in the /Library/Application Support folder?


        Thank you in advance.



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          /Applications is only writable by admin users:

          % ls -ld /Applications
          drwxrwxr-x+ 65 root  admin  2080 10 Jan 08:02 /Applications

          If you want to install or update apps there, you’ll need to either limit yourself to running as an admin user [1] or implement some sort of privilege escalation.

          IMPORTANT Modifying apps is a tricky business:

          • Never work on the in-place copy of the app.  Rather, make a copy, work on that, and then replace the original with your copy.

          • You have to make sure that your final version is correctly signed and notarised.

          /Library/Application Support is not writeable even by admin users.  You’ll definitely need to escalate privileges to operate there.

          % ls -ld /Library/Application\ Support 
          drwxr-xr-x  25 root  admin  800 29 Dec 13:21 /Library/Application Support

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          [1] I don’t recommend that.  A common pattern is for folks to create an admin account and a standard account and then run as the standard user day-to-day.  If they need to do admin-y stuff, they simply authenticate using their admin account.