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        We meet a strange problem recently.  Someone play our app, and find the navigationbar is far away from the status bar like below, but the left top position where back button should be showed normally can still resposne touch event:




        We have never met such case before,  it seems it only happen on iOS 13, and cannot find a stable way to reproduce it. The app summited to appstore is build using xcode 10, the phone where this problem occur is iPhone 6s with iOS 13.1.3。


        We don't have special customization with navigationbar, expect some page may hide the navigationbar, and some page may show the navigation bar.


        Is there any hint under what case will navigationbar's y position is large than 64

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          Look in IB how you defined Presentation:

          - open Attributes inpector for Navigation controller

          - In View Controller section, look for Presentation

          - If it says automatic, change to Full screen


          Repeat the same for views in navigation hierarchy.


          If that solves the problem, thanks to close the thread. Otherwise, explain and may be post code.